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Hello, my name is Carlin Scuderi

I am a web designer & developer in London, Canada.

Photo of Carlin

I love the web. I am passionate about interaction design, accessibility, user psychology, and creating problem solving applications that people will enjoy using across a variety of mediums.

I'm constantly striving to learn as much as possible about user behaviour, conventions, how to build a better experience, and how to translate ideas into awesome applications with a user-centric focus. I embrace new tools and methods; staying on the edge of the latest trends in technology is a high priority. Get in touch.

I believe...

... in small details. In teaching others what I know. In listening to ideas, and being open to change. Technology and the way people interact with it is an important part of our lives. It's important to keep learning and stay agile in order to contribute, be efficient, and have fun.

I love...

  • HTML, CSS (Sass & Compass), jQuery/JavaScript
  • PHP & MySQL (occasionally)
  • Sublime Text, Grunt
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • To learn and show others what I've learned
  • Best practices & good communication